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Tao of Tarot newsletter for Summer 2010 available for download here …

Tao of Tarot newsletter for Spring 2010 available for download here …


Article from the Spring 2010 edition of Reiki News Magazine …
“A Journey to Happiness and Spiritual Maturity” … view or download here


Article from Carole Jackson, Bottom Line’s Daily Health News …
Click on link to view article, “Put Your Dreams to Work”


Article from February 2010 Tarot Reflections website …
Click on link to view article, “The Tao of Tarot: The Fool”


Article from New Connexion Northwest Journal of Conscious Living entitled Dreams in Crisis: Guidance When Dad Held Hostage in Iraq spring 2010 to add to tao of tarot article info:


Article from Australian Natural Health entitled Healthy Body, Healthy Planet – Qigong for Inner Health… view or download here


Article – The Empress: At the Heart of Chines Medicine … view or download here


Article – Dreaming: A Journey to Healing, Happiness and Spiritual Maturity … view or download here

Christina Bjergo interview on the Dr. Pat show
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April 30, 2010 Interview on the Marie Bernard – Talk Radio Show:

April 30, 2010 Interview on the Marie Bernard – Talk Radio Show:

Qigong Dreaming focus

Discussion of Qigong and the importance of using dream experiences from a Taoist perspective. Learn simple Qigong techniques to promote dreams and increase dream recall for greater health, happiness and guidance. Optional slide show highlights universal symbolism of the spiral throughout the world and the importance of working with this dream tool for a variety of cultures from the ancient past to present.

Author’s Dream Odyssey focus

Author shares important lessons learned from 10 years of dreaming and why dreams can be helpful during times of crisis. She describes her personal story of dream guidance while her dad was a hostage in Iraq. Her dream odyssey of how dreams guided her to greater health and happiness is inspiring for others looking for greater empowerment in their lives.

Tarot Dreaming focus

Learn how the wisdom of the tarot is a reflection of dream guidance. Discussion of how Chinese Medicine five elements theory and inner alchemy enhances our understanding of dream and tarot imagery. Learn a simple alchemical dream technique for nightmares and transcending those tarot card challenges. The Fool, Death and the Moon cards can be examined as time allows for greater insight.

Spiritual/Biblical Dreaming focus

Come for a discussion and exploration of spiritual/Biblical dreaming. Learn how Qigong can be a form of body prayer and how through paying attention to dreams we can enhance our personal connection to Spirit/God. Learn mystical techniques for facing and resolving our fears, nightmares and other challenges.

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The Tao of Tarot: “The Way” to Health, Happiness and Spiritual Illumination through Qigong Dreaming

Contact Christina Bjergo at  or 360-607-7586 to schedule speaking events.

Class I:  The Tao of Dreaming through Sacred Serpent Spiral Qigong

Both dream exploration and qigong are powerful tools for soul work. Learn to work with transcendental life force energy (central qi) to enhance inner awareness and dreaming. Sacred Serpent Spiral Qigong is an easy to learn holistic healing tool for awakening inner guidance and the magic of synchronicity. Harmonizing with Nature through visualization and spontaneous movement, a doorway to the abundance of the universe and the collective unconscious opens to the qigong practitioner. This inner purification technique promotes dream work (clarity and recall) and the development of de or virtues.  Built on Taoist philosophy qigong combined with dreaming can show ”the Way” to wholeness and joyful authentic living for individuals of all traditions. Dream symbols will also be explored in class through intuitive group dream work.   


Class II:  The Alchemy of Dreaming through Sacred Serpent Spiral Qigong

Learn about the inner alchemy behind Oriental Medicine and how to analyze and understand the metal element in dreams from an Asian symbolic perspective. Spiral Qigong will be taught as a means to transform nightmares, suppressed emotions, and other obstacles to wellness. Students will learn Spiral Qigong Sound Healing to increase authentic expression and shamanic tools for lucid dream healing. The mystical significance of awakening our instincts and healing the Po Body Soul, associated with the metal element, for spiritual development will also be covered. Class I is a prerequisite for this class.

Class III:  Spiritual Evolution through Qigong Dreaming

Continue to learn about the inner alchemy behind Oriental Medicine and how to understand the wood element in dreams from an Asian symbolic perspective. Advanced Spiral Qigongmeditative, breath and dreaming techniques will be taught as well as the importance of benevolence and forgiveness in our spiritual evolution. The mystical significance of reconnecting with the celestial Hun Evolutionary Soul, associated with the Wood element, for body-mind-spirit wellness will also be covered. Biblical, mythological, fairy and angelic dream experiences will be analyzed through intuitive group dream work as we explore the importance of ling spiritual potency in the development of human consciousness. Classes I and II are prerequisites for this class.

Class IV:  Earth Healing through Qigong Dreaming

This advanced class focuses on the use of Qigong Dreaming and external alchemy for community and planetary transformation. Learn individual and group techniques for body-earth healing. Learn to clear the energetic meridians, called ley lines and dragon lines, of the earth for greater environmental health and harmony. Qigong dreaming methods to create sacred space, bring peace to areas of conflict, increase abundance/prosperity for homes and businesses and rebalance discordant energies in nature and sacred sites will be taught. The importance of personal responsibility in planetary work will be discussed. Global healing and spiritual ascension through dream work will be explored.  Classes I-III are prerequisites for this class.

Class V: External Qigong Dream Healing

The next step in Reiki and Laying on of Hands Healing. This external Qigong Dreaming Healing class focuses on becoming a channel when working with clients. Bridging higher dimensions students will access sacred symbols and translate the energetic signature of dream imagery for body-mind-spirit healing. Students will also learn and practice sacred sound healing techniques using the voice and musical instruments to find discordant patterns and harmonize the energy body. Classes 1-3 are prerequisites for this class.

The Tarot – Qigong Connection

      Unbeknownst to many, the wisdom of Eastern alchemy is hidden within the symbolic language of the famous Rider-Waite tarot. The Tao of Tarot is a useful guide to the inner traditions of Chinese Medicine that influenced important spiritual traditions of the West.

     In early times, the tarot was a safe method for passing esoteric wisdom and techniques for transcendence to those able to read the encoded messages in a time of ideological repression. Thus, nested within the major arcana cards are important but little-known Asian teachings for inner cultivation in the holistic practice called qigong.

     Sacred serpent spiral (S3) qigong is an easy-to-learn movement meditation and an empowering tool for improving life and obtaining joyful bliss. The tarot holds the secrets to this personal holy grail and points, in a Taoist sense, the “Way” to health, happiness, abundance, and illumination.

     The Tao of Tarot is published by O Books Publishing and explains the author’s personal growth and inner exploration of the tarot through qigong dreaming.

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Lao Tzu’s Golden Secret of All Life


Sacred Serpent Spiral Qigong



Virtues of Yin



Virtues of Yang



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