The Tao of Tarot

Schedule of Events

May 29-June 3
Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference
Gods Forgotten Language: Awakening the Dream Body
Kanuga Retreat Center , Henderson, NC


July 22-24
Body Dreaming Mindfulness Retreat
Menucha Retreat Center
Corbett , OR
(see flyer below)


September 16-17
International Alchemy Conference, Long Beach, CA
Serpent Dreaming & the Universal Myth
Alchemical Secrets of the Major Arcanum


Body Dreaming Mindfulness Retreat –
Columbia River Gorge

Menucha Retreat Center 38711 E. Columbia River Hwy , Corbett , OR

4 pm Friday, July 22 – 11am Sunday, July 24

Cost: $198

Rejuvenating Retreat Package Typically Includes:

Double or triple occupancy rooms for two nights

Five delicious and healthy meals

Sacred Serpent Spiral Qigong

Jungian group dream work

Soaring Crane Qigong Remedy Routines and Routine 3

Meditation and gentle Yin Yoga meridian stretches

Having fun with Tai Chi

Journaling and art for self exploration

Labyrinth walk in the Rose Garden

Sacred silence for inward reflection

Walking trails and swimming pool

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