Following Spiral Qigong practice it is important to take time to record and explore any dreaming experiences or insights received. Dream analysis provides important feedback on our level of development and what we need to alchemically transform. With time and experiences one begins to understand the pattern of dream guidance and can adeptly translate the symbolic messages from the Dreamtime. Following the dream messages an individual can begin taking steps and actions in waking life more in alignment with the authentic Self. As we take small steps we stretch through self imposed boundaries and broaden our self perception. We become strong and confident in who we truly are. Ultimately, the mythical Fisher King has been restored to health and the kingdom can once again be a place of prosperity and abundance.

In the Emperor card the central qi has continued to rise to awaken the upper dan tian in the center of the head. A tall stately throne with spiraling ram horns in the Emperor card shows that the masculine divine energies of shen Spirit are now consciously known. We see the association of shen Spirit with yang fire by the fiery colors and dryness of the card background. Mental abilities of concentration and focus have developed increasing the ability to proactively work with the creative and healing process with intention. Guided by inner awareness and dreams wisdom has been found as shown by the beard and crown in the card.

The heart shape upon the red garments of the Emperor show that the unburdened heart is the home to divine masculine energies of shen Spirit. Empress and Emperor unite in the middle dan tian. Through the divine marriage of yin and yang, called hieros gamos in alchemy, oneness consciousness is experienced.