Ending our qigong movements we gently bring our hands over our lower abdomen to fill our lower dan tian.  The lower dan tian can be likened to a cup that acts as a reservoir nourishing all the energy channels of the body.  The fruits of our qigong practice, all the energy that we have collected and generated, are directed into this storehouse of healthy jing essence at the end of this form.  With regular practice we continue to build our physical vitality, compared to rice or grain growing (note the wheat growing in this tarot card) increasing the quantity of jing essence in this lower elixir field. 

Reaching a certain threshold the jing essence is converted into ling spiritual potency (the feminine aspect of Spirit) and begins rising upwards to the heart center of the middle dan tian.  In the Empress card we see the circular pillow showing that the lower dan tian is full and whole.  The rise of ling spiritual potency is depicted by the vertical red pillow rising upwards from around the abdomen to the top of the chest.  The heart shaped stone marked by the symbol of feminine gender shows that ling energies have taken their rightful position in the middle dan tian. The throne of these divine feminine energies is in the middle of the chest cavity.

Spontaneous qigong movements help us connect with the elements on earth to remember our innate connection with nature.  With time and practice we return to our natural, authentic selves.