The Hierophant represents an individual filled with Spirit.  The white vertical stripe upon his red clothing shows the Central Channel has been purified with the three crosses representing the internal trinity, the three dan tian, now aligned and harmonized.  Androgenous and beyond dualistic concepts the central life force energy is Christ-ed, a Christian concept of central qi.  

The white ribbon also forms the shape of a chalice – the Holy Grail in human form.  Emphasis is placed on the head containing the upper dan tian.  The center of shen Spirit has been revitalized and mental concentration strengthened through mindfulness meditations.  The qigong practitioner can more powerfully interact with the creative process underlying material existence.  When the personal Holy Grail has been achieved health is returned and harmony and order is restored to the land. The black and white checkerboard stripes emanating from the Hierophant and the emptiness of the Tao behind his throne depict the union of yin black and yang white energies channeled to help others and the earth itself enlighten through the alchemical works.  

The importance of working with the physical body to achieve spiritual insight is represented by the triple cross held in the Hierophant’s left hand and the three tiered crown upon his head.  The lowest level is the largest in both cases.  The physical body is the foundation from which emotional and spiritual growth occurs.  Building vitality of the lower dan tian through qigong awakens the upwards rising misty spiraling central qi that naturally opens the middle and the upper dan tian centers of the body.