The journey to wellness and authentic being comes from reconciling the cultural (domesticated dog) and natural (wild dog) aspects of ourselves.  Family/peer pressures as well as social, ethnic, religious and gender experiences mold our behavior and diminish self perception in the early part of our lives.  According to famous psychologist Carl Jung and Taoist philosophy “the Way” to healthy, joyful living is undoing the cultural norms and accepting and honoring who we truly are. 

The Moon card shows the journey of self discovery.  Through qigong we heat up and illuminate the shadows of the subconscious.  Dreams during and after qigong help us bring to conscious awareness and integrate creative energies that were previously unknown.  Left unresolved these subconscious influences eventually rebel and lead to depression and dis-ease.  The blue lobster coming out of the water shows the symbolic surfacing of greater self knowledge.