In Spiral Qigong the practitioner guides the central qi down through the middle of the head, chest and abdomen. The lower part of the body is considered yin or feminine in Chinese Medicine. The young maiden in the Star card shows the continued descent of vital energies through the lower part of the body and into the earth. Her leg position opens the important acupoint called Wei Yin located on the perineum floor between the legs. Waters pouring upon the land and water respectively represent the increased fertility and spiritual dreaming via the collective unconscious for the qigong practitioner.

The Big Dipper constellation in the sky was believed by ancient Taoist practitioners to spiral around in a circle throughout the year. This celestial spiral movement is the source of heavenly energies cascading to earth. The Big Dipper pivots around the fixed Pole Star shown in this card as the large eight pointed star above the young maiden, the star of alchemy.