Inner awareness and dream guidance leads to wisdom and greater understanding about the universe.  The movement of this Wheel of Fortune has the representatives of the four directions studying and learning.  Connecting and harmonizing with the elements of wood, fire, metal and water with Spiral Qigong is a means to discover the eternal quality of divinity beyond the cycles of nature.  This is the secret of the Sphinx who despite sitting upon the wheel retains a central stillness through life’s changes.     

Opening and strengthening the Central Channel through Spiral Qigong naturally energizes the microcosmic orbit that encircles the body.  The spine of the red Anubis figure upon the wheel reflects the opening of the Governing Vessel, the root of all yang in the body.  The snake moving with it’s anterior side and belly upon the wheel shows the energy flow along the Conception Vessel, the root of all yin in the body.